Joint Mobilization is where the therapist would move the joints either through it’s normal range of movement  (physiological movement) or glide the bones of the joints through the plane of the joint (accessory movement). There are 4 different grades which are normally used to either treat pain (grade I and II) or stiffness (grade III and IV). These are less aggressive techniques and are less dangerous but are effective in achieving the desired effect of either reducing pain or stiffness.

Joint Manipulation is actually a further advancement of joint mobilization. It’s sometimes also known as a Grade V mobilization. A manipulation is normally done if the joints are too stiff and/or are not responding to the mobilization techniques. It involves a quick, sharp movement at the end of the accessory range of the joint. It is a rather aggressive movement and has it’s danger due to the speed at which this technique is done. However, our Physiotherapists would advise and inform you of the risk before executing the manipulation and it is your decision whether to proceed with the treatment.